I was born in the high mountain desert of northern New Mexico. New Mexico's red earth and aching blue skies run in my veins. An incomplete list of the places I have lived--mostly in New Mexico--include: a movie set with no running water, a house visited by hummingbirds, raccoons, black bears, and neighbors' cows, a thatched hut in Guatemala with an outdoor kitchen and outhouse, a crumbling, brick Victorian house, and a 100-year-old adobe along the railroad tracks. I now live in Missoula, Montana, not far from the Clark Fork River, in a house that looks like a fairy-tale cottage. Place informs my thinking; in my writing I often reflect on the people, cultures, and historical narratives that converge in complex ways to reveal deeper understandings of where we've been and where we might go. 

I am particularly interested in the intersections of big ideas and events, especially when the topics appear to have nothing in common. I enjoy finding commonalities in seemingly disparate topics. I approach my writing with curiosity and abundant research and experimental/cross-genre nonfiction is one of my favorite genres. 

I also enjoy writing articles, conducting research, and helping others craft writing that accurately captures their thinking. Editing and writing instruction both allow me to help individuals take what is in their heads and translate it on the page--whether it be a poem, a business memo, or a literature review. 

Thank you for visiting my website! I'd love to hear from you.